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The Cinema Section collects and preserves exhibits of Lithuanian film creators and film-studios, antiquarian and modern film equipment. One of the best-known collections is the collection of Lithuanian Film-Studio that contains shots of mostly Soviet films, pictures of shooting, cinema placards, texts of films, and equipment. The most valuable exhibits of the antiquarian film equipment are small projectors "Pathe Kok" of the first half of the 20th century, made by "Pathe" (1913) and "Pathe baby" (1912-1914), designed to bands of non-standard width and parameters, and narrow-band cameras. Antiquarian professional "Andrie Debrie" film cameras and "Super Parvo", made by "Le Parvo", and copy machine "Arri" made by "Arnold/Richter", were bought from a collection of cameraman Steponas Uzdonas. The most interesting exhibits are displayed in exhibition halls.

The greatest part of the stored material consists of personal collections of cinematographists, where it is possible to trace various materials that reflect a distinctive life and creation of an artist. The collections of Petras Abukevičius, Henrikas Šablevičius, Saulius Macaitis, Jonas Gricius, Arūnas Žebriūnas, Audrius Stonys, Almantas Grikevičius, and Raimundas Banionis are exstremely large and original.

Especially rich collection of cinema placards and posters is dated since 1953. Together with modest posters printed on a thin and poor quality paper, there are productions of various stylistics and artistic expression called the classics of the cinema placard.

A large collection of the Lithuanian animation of the 20th century (celluloid paintings that are transferred to the Art Section, and computer impress) has been displayed several times.

Cinema Section collections are constantly replenished by the material about the modern film. Also recordings of Lithuanian films are collected here.

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